Most of the instrumental historical heritage is held at the oldest INAF Astronomical Observatories and comprises a total of over a thousand pieces: quadrants, telescopes, theodolites, clocks, globes, mathematical and meteorological instruments, ranging from the sixteenth century to the first half of 900. The various instrumental collections were formed from the gathering of Observatory apparatus, bought or purpose-built by skilled mechanics, which having became unsuitable for everyday research, had been set apart.
Some of these collections, now restored, are open to the public and can be visited in the museum space inside their Observatory of origin.
from Monday to Friday
A charming and fascinating journey through the instruments and ancient volumes hold by the Observatory of Naples.
Open year-round!
The Specola, once the main tower of the Carrarese Castle, transformed into the Astronomical Observatory in the 18-th century, captures all the charm of almost a thousand years of history of Padua and 250 years of astronomy.

Dollond's telescopes

  • Telescopio rifrattore
    Telescopio a rifrazione con configurazione terrestre, firmato dalla ditta Dollond, costituito da un ...
  • Telescopio rifrattore
    Cannocchiale con obiettivo acromatico e montatura altazimutale. il tubo ottico, il treppiede di sost ...
  • Cannocchiale
    Telescopio rifrattore acromatico con tubo in allumino. L'alloggiamento dell'obiettivo e il tubo ocul ...
  • Telescopio rifrattore
    il telescopio con obiettivo acromatico e montatura equatoriale è montato su una struttura in mogano. ...
  • Telescopio rifrattore
    Telescopio in ottone originariamente dotato di una montatura di tipo inglese. I circoli orari e di d ...

Jesse Ramsden's instruments

  • Quadrante
    Lo strumento prende il nome di quadrante per la forma a quarto di cerchio, mentre murale sta a signi ...
  • Sestante
    Sestante nautico

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