Remote Access to Online Resources

The Library and Historical Archives Service and CED INAF have activated, through the IDEM Federation of the GARR network, a remote access system to the electronic information resources currently available through IDEM. This modality has the advantage of allowing access to online resources even from external locations from their own institutions (eg. from home, airport, etc.).

IDEM Account

If you do not already have the IDEM credentials, simply register at the Identity Provider  (IDP) system of CED INAF and get an  account. The obtained credentials will be needed to access various services (eg .: Nilde, EduRoam, Filesender, video conferencing, etc.).


Online journals

The updated list of journals and digital resources is available on the web page Online journals and resources


Guide to the journal access via IDEM

Once you reach the desired journal’s website, there is always a login session available placed, in most cases, on top of the page of the journal that you are consulting.

For example:


You must select the link that identifies you by your institution, which in this example is identified as follows: "Athens/Institutional login". You will find yourself now in the area that will allow you to select your institution:

Typing the acronym of our Institution, will show its full name:

You select it and click on "Login via Shibboleth"

At this point you will be redirected to the login page of IDEM:

Here, enter your credentials and you can access the electronic content subscribed by INAF Libraries to that publisher.
At the end of the work session, click on “Logout”.